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Travel Insurance Services


Travel Insurance Overview

Travel ignites our aspiration to see more of the world.  It takes us out of our comfort zones and inspires us to experience different cultures, new sights, and embark on exciting adventures.  The excitement of planning your getaway might overshadow preparedness as the last thing on our minds is salvaging a vacation full of unforeseen medical bills.

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What Is the Purpose of Travel Insurance?

An unexpected medical emergency, a cancelled flight or a hurricane can bring the vacation you’ve been dreaming about to a halt. Travel insurance can help turn things around by:

  • Protecting the cost of your trip if you have a travel delay or require a cancellation;
  • Offsetting added expenses due to trip interruption or lost, delayed or damaged luggage;
  • Providing coverage for expensive emergency hospital and medical bills in the unfortunate event you are injured or become ill while traveling abroad;

When Should You Obtain Travel Insurance?

The answer is anytime you leave your home country. Out of pocket emergency hospital and/or medical expenses can put a huge damper on your long-anticipated travel plans. Don’t let the memory of planning blunders ruin your trip.

If you’re an International Student or visitor to Canada, we also have specialized packages tailored to your travel situation!

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