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Condo Insurance Services


Condo Insurance Overview

Discover the numerous advantages of residing in a condo or townhome in beautiful British Columbia – from flexible living options and affordability in comparison to detached homes in Vancouver to fostering a strong sense of community, enjoying first-rate amenities, and experiencing the convenience of routine maintenance. When you own a unit in a condo or townhome, you not only have title to your own space but also a share in common areas like the lobby, hallways, swimming pool, parking garage, and other amenities, giving you a vested interest in the entire building.

While you might be well-versed in insurance coverage for break-ins, fire damage, and water damage, it’s crucial to be aware that your Strata Corporation could potentially assess you for accidental damage to the building, with potential costs amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Stay informed about these essential aspects to protect your investment and visit our blog for more insights and resources!

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