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Tenant Insurance Services


Tenant Insurance Overview

You may think Tenant insurance is unnecessary because you don’t own the home in which you live but the reality is if you own furniture, clothing, shoes, an iPhone, Android, TV, Nespresso machine, or even an air fryer, you need assurance that these valuable belongings which we rely on daily are securely protected. Expensive items such as handbags, camera gear, and sports equipment are also covered under your Tenant insurance but ensure you schedule them separately seeing as these are high ticket items that require special attention on a policy.

Theft or damage to personal property are not the only situations covered. If a guest were to injure themselves in your home, you would also have protection. Other common examples include accidental dog bites or a friend’s trip over a rug in the living room, resulting in a broken leg.

Tenant insurance also covers the cost of Additional Living Expenses. If a fire causes extensive damage to your belongings or to your home and you’re required to temporarily move out until repairs are completed, coverage includes reasonable expenses for alternative accommodation and meals.

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