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About Us

Affiliate of Rand & Fowler

People come first.  Our passion to educate, protect, and inspire the community is the heart of our existence.  Long before Stratis Insurance was founded, our branch operated as Rand & Fowler Insurance Vancouver Agency Ltd. located on Oak Street in Vancouver, B.C. for many years – an organization that formed the Rand & Fowler group established in 1882, passionately servicing the lower mainland proudly since that time.

Once a humble team of five with an initial concentration in auto insurance, our amazing team expanded. But hey, it’s not just about growth—it’s about purpose. We were passionate about finding our North Star, breaking barriers, and reaching new heights. Because let’s face it, without direction, we’d just be spinning our wheels. ‘Complacency’ is just a fancy word we don’t entertain. At Stratis, it’s not just insurance—it’s a vibrant community where greatness thrives!

Photo taken at the office location of Cordova and Abbott in 1889. Mr. Fowler is the gentleman to the far left
Diverse team in coworking space voting some colleagues agree raises hands. Positive black leader woman with creative group of businesspeople discussing sharing ideas together in office at meeting


At Stratis Insurance, we’re not just about policies and premiums – it’s about embracing a vibrant tapestry of individuals and perspectives. Diversity isn’t just a buzzword here; it’s the heart and soul of who we are.

In this neck of the woods, whether you’re a unicorn enthusiast or a weekend philosopher, a tech guru or an art aficionado, you’ll find a cozy corner at Stratis. We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk when it comes to valuing everyone, no matter where they come from or what makes them tick.

We’re not just your run-of-the-mill insurance agency. We’re storytellers, weaving a tale that goes beyond logos and colors. Our brand is our story – it shouts our identity, celebrates our uniqueness, and makes our fantastic team feel like they’re part of a grand narrative.

Sure, we care about protecting what matters most, but we’re also champions of creating a space where you can just be you. Our team isn’t a bunch of insurance wizards – they’re part of a colorful, supportive group that’s all about making clients feel like they’ve found their insurance home.

At Stratis, we’re partners in empowerment through education, protecting life’s most cherished assets, and doing it all in a place that’s welcoming.

Stratis Name

How did we arrive at the name “Stratis”? We reflected deeply for a word that encompassed everything we strive for, believe strongly in, and resonate completely with. It had to convey a sense of modernity that paid homage to the past as well as incorporate our North Star. These conditions steered us beautifully to the Latin word “stratis” which means “layers of protection”. It is a word that corresponds with the Greek spelling, “stratos” which we see in the word stratosphere. There are a multitude of layers of an individual’s needs; there are layers of services we provide as an insurance brokerage, and ultimately “Stratis” represents the fact that our committed team is here to form a protective layer around you so you can navigate through life’s obstacles with peace of mind.  Stratis Insurance exists to protect you. Extraordinary customer service goes without saying. But allow us to go beyond providing a “service” and, instead, provide you with exceptional experiences that break free from the typical pain points common in insurance so the elements and stages of your life – your home, marine, travel, business, auto and life insurance – are well understood and protected.

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Our Objective

The insurance industry is typically associated as a lackluster, archaic industry. Our objective is to transcend those stereotypes and go beyond the out-of-box thinking. Our Vision is to shift industry standards by going beyond the status quo and inspiring the community. Our Purpose is to provide peace of mind to our clients so that everyone is empowered with the right information because education provides direction and direction leads to well-informed decisions. We seek to remove myths that plague the industry. We give you reasons to feel empowered, confident, and financially protected in an industry that is often misunderstood. Most clients enter into insurance based on blind faith and are typically concerned with, “How much is my premium? When does it expire? Do I get a discount?”. The experience feels transactional and important coverages are overlooked because, let’s face it, living in Vancouver – one of the most expensive cities in the world – perpetuates a price-conscious focus. We’re constantly at the mercy of how much we want to pay for certain commodities. While reviewing options for any insurance type (home, tenant, business, marine, travel, auto and life) should be part of the process, allowing an exceptional advisor to connect with you and educate you on what’s happening in the market at present, as well as how that matters in protecting yourself and your assets, generate imperative questions such as, “Am I properly protected? What additional coverages should I consider? What other risks exist? What are the repercussions? How can I mitigate risks?”. Gaining a solid understanding of the bigger picture and the numerous factors that affect how well you and your loved ones are protected through a knowledgeable, experienced advisor is a crucial element in arriving at sound choices. It is through education and a trusted relationship that we are then able to earn our clients’ confidence and keep them securely protected by empowering every individual with relevant and significant information so you can feel confident in your decisions. Stratis Insurance advisors ensure you know what you’re getting into and what your coverage means without over-complicating the process. Educating you efficiently, yet concisely, and streamlining in the digital age while maintaining a personal touch at every stage excites us. We understand the complexities and nuances of insurance so you don’t ever have to rack your brain over the details – unless, of course, you prefer to delve into the nitty gritty which an inquisitive mind is always much appreciated!


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We will show up by building trust with every client we encounter.

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We are committed to excellence in everything we do.


We take pride in what we do to protect our clients’ most valuable possessions.

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We will empower our minds by expanding our knowledge and education.

A message from our President, Anna Chan:

“It has always been my dream to have a team of professionals, who take pride in their work and the advice they offer – that these professionals offer the same level of important advice about insurance, as lawyers do with the law and doctors do about medicine. My vision is to shift the way that the entire industry looks at an advisor and that our clients trust us as their leading choice for insurance because our professionals have empowered them with information that offers them the confidence that the insurance we provide them truly protects them and their life’s treasured elements.”

We continue to be part of the long-standing Rand & Fowler group and are grateful to be supported by the entire organization as we embark on this new journey. Future challenges excited us. Evolving into the best version of ourselves drives us. Stratis Insurance consistently aims to inspire through purpose, educate through guidance, and innovate through creativity. We hope everyone out there can find meaning in their personal and professional lives and grow into their highest selves. This is our story. We invite you to share yours.